Interventional Cardiology

Endovascular Therapy

Structural Heart Disease

Mechanical Circulatory Support


Specialty Catheters
> AMIcath® Perfusion Catheter
Improved outcomes in AMI with better decision-making and optional drug delivery.
> Hunter® Extraction Catheter
Large extraction area combined with small entry profile for superior handling.

Embolic Protection Stents
> MGuard™ Prime Embolic Protective Stent
First choice to protect degenerated bypass grafts and thrombus laden lesions.

Covered Stents
> BeGraft® Coronary Stent Graft System
A uniquely small stent graft profile combined with a balanced catheter design.

Bare Metal Stents
> Coronnium® Cobalt Chromium Stent
Superb deliverability due to ultra-thin struts.
> Bionert® Inert Coronary Stent
Blocking nickel ion migration to reduce inflammatory reactions and lower restenosis rates.

Drug Eluting Stents
> Infinnium® Paclitaxel Eluting Stent
The only effective DES with fully biodegradable coating.
> Irist® Simvastatin Eluting Stent
First DES with a selective non-toxic drug coating.
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